Cheers to the freakin’ weekend…. (photo cred @samthemovie)
This is what a shameless Friday night wrap at 5am looks like. #shameless
Gluten free????
These are a few of my favorite things. @shanolahampton #dermotmulroney #newshoes
A casual chi town stroll turned into a manolo alaia shopping problem at @ikramgoldman. And by “problem” I mean beautiful success story….
#fbf summers ago in Hawaii (photo by @christy_coleman)
Click the link in my profile to watch the trailer for my film #YoureNotYou that comes out October 10th. Hilary Swank plays a pianist with ALS. I play her caretaker. This was an incredible journey. Click and share. #ALSawareness #EndALS
#tbt in the gallagher side yard with jimmy/steve/jack…. #SHAMELESS @Justingchatwin
This guy fed our #shameless family tonight @GEBistro. HUGE fan of Graham Elliot food. The ice cream w watermelon pop rocks knocked my socks off. ♡
Pre-work workout. I try to stay active even when on the road. Squats to warm up, planks for the core, tricep dips, booty raises, ballerina crunches, repeat.